Ra.M.Oil S.p.A.

Ra.M.Oil Company was established in 1963 in Naples, Italy. Following its original strategy to operate in very specialized niche markets, it progressively diversified and widened its activity to the production of special synthetic and mineral oils products to satisfy the most demanding specifications as requested by the users.

The experience developed during years of activity with continuous focus and attention on quality makes Ra.M.Oil a reliable and a preferential partner/ supplier for all companies operating in this field. This has allowed Ra.M.Oil to gain a leading position in all the specialized markets, both international and domestic, enhancing its efforts to gain a world-class competitiveness.

The customer service department is an integral part of Ra.M.Oil quality system ; the specialist team that constitutes the customer service department allows Ra.M.Oil to have a continual dialogue with all consumers to understand their needs and requirements and furthermore to propose valid and satisfactory solutions. To all this Ra.M.Oil, adds the qualified experience of the chemical engineers running a modern and sophisticated laboratory, which is the heart of Ra.M.Oil Q&D system. In addition, Ra.M.Oil is able to update all the standards product to meet new demands from the market.