Duglas Oil lubricants are formulated at the highest performance levels to meet the ever-increasing technological needs of a market aimed at reducing consumption and complying with the new anti-pollution regulations. The achievement of these objectives was possible with the use of specific bases for each type of application and top-of-the-range additives.

Using modern mixing technologies and the application of strict quality control, they ensure compliance with the maximum performance levels required by international classifications such as A.P.I. (American Petroleum Institute) and A.C.E.A. (Association of European Car Manufacturers), as well as the standards defined by all World Manufacturers (OEM). The continuous updating of production processes, associated with a strict and careful correspondence to international quality standards, make sure of providing all customers with increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced products.

Ra.M.Oil also provides support for companies that want tailor-made formulations or products with their own label in high quality packaging. Ra.M.Oil is on the ATIEL list, the Technical Association of European Manufacturers of Lubricants, as a manufacturer of lubricating oils recognized by ACEA.